Are you thinking of joining The Waves Bowls Club Caloundra ?

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Learn Lawn Bowls

Want to play Lawn Bowls but never played before?
No problem…The Waves Bowls Club Caloundra has a perfect membership to get you started and enjoying Lawn Bowls in No time.
Upon Joining the Club all new bowling members can undertake coaching with our team of Club Coaches to ready themselves for competition and social play.

This coaching includes the following areas:

  1. Safety on the green
  2. Green layout – lines, markers and pegs
  3. Placement of the mat
  4. Rolling the jack
  5. Understand the bowl bias
  6. Bowl grip and stance
  7. Backhand & forehand deliveries
  8. Touchers and dead bowls
  9. Score card, score board & indicating
  10. Estimating closest bowl
  11. Drawing shots to different lengths
  12. Bowls in the ditch
  13. Explain different games, eg pairs, triples etc.
  14. Etiquette
  15. Laws of the game
  16. Conditions of Play
  17. Care of bowls
  18. Our Club Website and how to enter a game.